Nutritional Consultation + Auriculotherapy - Full Healthy | Providence Nutritionist


We will carry out a complete and detailed nutritional evaluation. Getting data like:

Basal metabolism, body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle, body age, blood pressure, waist and hip circumference, among other measurements.

We will calculate your basal metabolism, daily calories and we will distribute it evenly, to achieve a nutritional guideline according to your personal requirements.

We will create a meal plan tailored to your needs

We will contribute to generating new eating habits and we will establish schedules for meal times (adapting to your daily life).

We will teach you to read the nutritional labeling of food.

We will solve all your doubts and concerns during your treatment, through WhatsApp or via email; Above all, we will accompany you in this process of changing habits.

The payment methods are in cash or through bank transfer at the time of beginning the nutritional consultation.

If you have Isapre with a free choice plan.

You can reimburse your nutritional consultation with the following ISAPRES: Cruz Blanca, Banmédica, Vida Tres and Colmena.